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The Visioncon After Action Report 2011

Last year, I was more than a little harsh in my critique of Visioncon. I was hyper critical of nerd culture and a little unfair at times. Here we are though, 2011 and another year for the convention that some … Continue reading

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Yeah, it’s the clip show equivalent for Popgun Chaos

Before I get started, please check out and donate to the RPPR Ransom for the Ruins of Lemuria. I’m writing for it, but even if I wasn’t, you should support Ross Payton and RPPR. If you’d like to see what … Continue reading

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Your RPG Setting of the Week – Chuck Palahniuk

In “Your RPG setting of the week,” we will examine RPG settings that either have the possibility of being cool or the possibility of being the worst idea ever; clearly, it depends on your perspective. Some might be wild, fun … Continue reading

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Interview with China Mieville pt. 2

This is part 2 of my interview with China Mieville. If you didn’t see pt. 1, be sure to check it out as well (it’s just below)! PC: In your 2003 interview with Joan Gordon, you stated, “The other, more … Continue reading

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Interview with China Mieville pt.1

Being able to interview China Mieville was one of the most amazing and frightening experiences I’ve ever had. “Amazing” because his work doesn’t just encompass that word, but it surpasses it, redefines it, and then makes it moot. “Frightening” because … Continue reading

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How being a GM has taught me to teach

Let’s call a spade a spade: most educational philosophy classes are a big joke. My fellow teacher friends know what I’m talking about, but for those of you that aren’t education majors, allow me to break down how most education classes … Continue reading

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Dark Come Soon – A Dark Sun novel

This is a short story I wrote to prepare myself for running my portion of the Dark Sun campaign for Dungeons and Dragons. Chapter I – You went away Fear wasn’t something that the citizens of Urik were very familiar … Continue reading

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Dark Sun 4th edition review

There’s no denying that Dark Sun’s biggest draw is the unique setting. On a grim, godless, desert world, nine city states cling to life against the threat of mutated, telekinetic beasts, and life-devouring sorcerer kings. Everything that was old is … Continue reading

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Your RPG setting of the Week! – Wes Anderson films

Wes Anderson’s films are put into an RPG. Continue reading

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the Vision-Con After Action Report!

My time at Visioncon 2010 Continue reading

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