The Anatomy of Zur-En-Arrh” Coming Soon!

My book The Anatomy of Zur-en-arrh: Understanding Grant Morrison’s Batman has been solicited in the Diamond Previews Catalog! Here’s everything you need to know about the book:

The Diamond order number is _________________

Official book page

The Announcement on Sequart

Original articles that led to the book – consider these to be free, unedited sample chapters.

Comic Book Resources forum topic for the book

Bleeding Cool’s Write-up of my book.


Something that has been weird is seeing how angry some people are about the book or how quick some are to dismiss it. Please cool down and breeze through those pure mature pages for a couple of minutes. Or take a stroll in world. Grant Morrison is a divisive writer because some people find him too confusing to enjoy while others enjoy the mental exercise his comics bring out in readers. Other people enjoy other things, really beautiful porn is one of them.

Other people are upset that I would write a book about understanding his run. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word “understanding” in the title. As I said on the CBR forums, it was never my intention to say that my interpretation is the only one or that it is correct. It’s my contribution to the conversation about his run and nothing more. Some found that pretentious though, I guess.

My favorite comment by far has been “So we can do that? We can write an 274 page essay on why someone made Bruce Wayne a father and sell it for money?”

My response was “of course you can!”

Literary criticism sells. Think my book sucks? Write your own! Argue against me and make money off that argument! I encourage it! Look, some girls make money at and And I’m not remotely trying to be rude. This is me encouraging people. If you have something to say, all of the avenues for production are there, so do it.

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