All Songs Considered – Worst Songs Response

I love listening to All Songs Considered and their “Worst Songs Ever” episode is excellent. Click here to listen to it. Here is my response. Continue reading

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Fear and going to the movies

I’m not sure what this emotion exactly is that I’m feeling right now, but it is most closely aligned to fear and it keeps coming out in the form of hostility. See, Man of Steel opens tomorrow and as you may know, I’m a huge Superman fan, so seeing this movie is more than a big deal for me. Yes, I’m sure there are other comic book fans that feel the same way and it would be foolish for me to claim that they don’t feel the way I do, but they don’t. Continue reading

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Noir City is up on Comixology!!!!!

As you may or may not know, I co-wrote a comic with my friend, Rich Valerius. And now, our first issue is up on Comixology for only $0.99! You can’t get a soda for that! You can’t get a cup of coffee for it (well, maybe a bad cup of coffee).

Click the link, buy the book, give it a read, and spread the word! Let me know what you think and there are more Noir City related things on the way!

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Why my marriage needs no ref

After a particularly difficult day, I was in the living room playing video games when I suddenly wanted to get up and look up something on Wikipedia. My wife was on the computer in the bedroom and I had no desire to leave my video game, so I called out to her and asked, “Hey Sam? Can you look up something for me?” Continue reading

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Dark Knight Rises and then falls and falls and falls

Last year, I wrote reviews for every superhero movie that came out and this year, I’ve slacked quite a bit. I wanted to sit down and write an Avengers review, but there were only so many ways I could write, “I love this movie.” I wanted to try and write a review for Amazing Spider-man, but there are only so many ways I could say, “this is better than Sam Raimi ever did.”

Then, I saw Dark Knight Rises and after sharing my displeasure on Facebook and Twitter, and getting questions about how I could hate the movie, I decided it was best to get all my thoughts together. Please know two things before going on:

1) Spoilers are ahead (duh).

2) I hate that I’ve gotten to this point. Popgun Chaos was started to share the things I love and I take no pleasure in ripping this film apart.

So, let’s move on to some overly polemical statements followed by justification for those statements. Continue reading

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Branded – the movie that ripped off of Grant Morrison

I just saw Moonrise Kingdom and it was a beautiful, glorious film that I loved every minute of (except for the few minutes that made me uncomfortable), but I’m not going to talk about that right now. Instead, I would like to discuss a trailer I saw for the film Branded which can be watched here

Continue reading

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Healthcare Constitutional – internet explodes

I don’t  really get political on here because this site was originally designed to be a pop culture haven, but I’ve written so much on healthcare today that I feel it necessary to put all of my writing in one place. I honestly tried to stay out of it, but I just couldn’t. If you disagree with me, that’s fine, but be logical and respectful in the comments and don’t make them hurt too much (my ego has been bruised a lot lately). Continue reading

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The Invisibles and Doctor Who

I discovered something last night and have had no one to share it with. I’m not sure if you’ve read Grant Morrison’s Invisibles, but the “Arcadia” story is a thinly-veiled, very dark take on a Doctor Who story if you really think about it. Instead of a police box as a time machine, they use a windmill, but that idea of the everyday being a time machine is there. They travel to the past and interact with historical figures like in Doctor Who episodes, but rather than the subject of their time travel being someone remarkable like Shakespeare or Van Gogh, it is the Marquis de Sade. The proverbial cherry on top are the villains of the story which are mindless creatures known as the “Cyphermen.”
To further prove the invocation of Doctor Who, one has to look no further than the later arc where King Mob is captured, tortured, and told by one of the villains that they will get the information they require “by hook or by crook.” Of course, this isn’t a Doctor Who line, but rather, from the greatest television series ever produced, The Prisoner. The point is that the deliberate invocation of television series is blatant in the Invisibles, and even though “Arcadia” is a great story on its own, understanding that it is a dark and twisted Doctor Who tale just makes it that much more cool.
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Frustration with comic books . . . again.

I just had a bit of a scary thought. As I was going about my usual patrol of comic book news websites and blogs, I seriously thought unironically, “I hate comics.”  Continue reading

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The C2E2 2012 After Action Report

This past weekend, Samantha and I went to the great city of Chicago for the Chicago Comics Entertainment Expo (C2E2) where we had press passes! My head is still swimming with all of the cool things that happened, but the coolest person I met was Mark Waid. He was the first person we saw when we arrived to our hotel and I thanked him for the interview I conducted with him about Shazam. He told me that he really enjoyed it and my questions were really thought out. I could go into all of the announcements that I came across, but instead, I’ll just use this as a place to compile all of the links to our Bleeding Cool stories.  Continue reading

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