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My head is swimming with topics today, so welcome to some short news snippets.

Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods on Hulu – It’s no secret that I’m a Grant Morrison fan, and I’m in love with the documentary from Sequart, but now you can watch it on Hulu for free! If you haven’t watched it before, you need to now! Seriously, check it out!

Supergods by Grant Morrison – I already quoted this book in my post on Action Comics last week, but it made me fall in love with super-hero books all over again (as if I needed any other reason). Every other page has a quote that blows me away. One of my favorite moments has to be when Morrison notes that Darkseid’s Anti-Life equation is actually all around us. The internet, the nightly news, and talk radio are filled with fear and Armageddon-ridden messages. Darkseid’s message is actually alive and well within our media and  it’s frightening.

You may not love all of Grant Morrison’s comic book work, but his writing about the mythology surrounding comic books seems as if he has actually met these characters and he understands them better than any one else. Morrison proves that all super-hero comics can be studied, but his run at academia is never inaccessible (it might be elevated and challenging at times, but never impossible to get through).

One day, when I teach a class on comic books, this will be the key classroom text.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Back in March, I wrote my review for the much-anticipated Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and I was absolutely ecstatic for my favorite fighting game franchise to return. Sure, there were only 36 characters compared to the original series having 52, but I still enjoyed the experience and I held on to hope that new characters would be downloadable in the future. When Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath were available on the PSN some time later, I was incredibly upset to find that both characters were $4.99 a piece. So, on top of the $60 game, one would have to pay $10 for two extra characters.

Fans craved more downloadable content and instead of giving that to them (with the exception of the pointless Shadow Battles DLC for $1.99 a pop), Capcom has decided to put out another edition of the franchise and called it Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and I’m more than a little mad. Sure, some of the new characters from the leaked roster sound exciting (Phoenix Wright and Rocket Raccoon in particular sound fun), but the very fact that I will have to rebuy MvC 3 really makes me mad. It probably won’t be $60 again, because later editions of Street Fighter IV have been $40, but it’s still infuriating considering that the game is four months old.

Combine this new edition with the latest announcements from Capcom of Megaman game cancellations, and I’m starting to lose faith in one of my favorite gaming companies and since I’ve already lost faith in Square, I just don’t know what publisher to care about anymore.

Mortal Kombat – Speaking of fighting games, I just read the news that Freddy Krueger is going to be a downloadable character in the new Mortal Kombat game. I haven’t seriously played a Mortal Kombat game in a very long time (I rented Mortal Kombat vs. DCU and thought it was interesting, but didn’t play it for long), so I don’t really have a vested interest in this story, but I found it interesting as it’s one of the few times a character not associated with fighting games has been put into a fighter. It kind of makes me wish we could see a fighting game of slasher characters.

As cool as Freddy’s appearance is, however, it seems kind of strange. The Mortal Kombat games have always had a rich mythology that I’ve found to be kind of cool, but this inclusion is just puzzling. Then again, this is the same series that featured a fighter with tracking balls on his suit, so maybe I shouldn’t take it so seriously.

Captain Planet Live-Action – I doubt this will ever be made, but it was announced that there might be a live action Captain Planet movie which I’m all for. Sure, it’s hokey, but it doesn’t matter – Captain Planet is amazing.

San Diego Comic Con – I didn’t go and I really didn’t hear of a lot of big announcements from the con but what could be bigger than the relaunch being announced last month? A lot of artwork was revealed, but my favorite came from Justice League Dark 

But also, some of the sketches released are gorgeous.

Even the interior art for I, Vampire looks awesome!

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3 Responses to Thoughts I’m thinking today 1

  1. Michael Frizell says:

    The more I see and read about the new 52 from DC, the more interested I am in the line. I have rearranged my pull-list to include more DC than Marvel, something akin to heresy for me.

    Still, X-Men: Schism is great. I’m interested in Aaron’s upcoming work on Incredible Hulk. Marvel is turning into the Aaron-verse, and that’s not a bad thing. After meeting him twice in KC, I’ve decided he might be the nicest guy I want to hate: He’s a “local” writing books fir one of the big two, and they’re books I want to read and wish I’d written.

    Anyway…thanks for the Morrison video tip. It’s remarkable. Both he and Aaron inspire me to write more. I’ve submitted two stories this week to journals.

    • Popgun Chaos says:

      I’m not a Hulk fan, but I’ll buy it because of Jason Aaron. He really is an inspiration and someone I also envy for rocking so damn much.

      congrats on the submissions! I may have a comic project in the works right now, but I don’t want to get too detailed so as not to jinx it.

      If you like Talking with Gods, be sure to check out Supergods. It’s such a brilliant book!

  2. I like how the one character sketch for Kid Flash points out he uses his headphones for music and to not reveal that till a later issue…oops!

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