48 Thoughts about Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Here are my thoughts over Green Lantern: Emerald Knights as they popped into my head while watching it. I’ll try and make them as spoiler-free as possible, but no promises. It’s probably most advisable to read this as you watch the film, but it’s not necessary.

If you’d prefer a more traditional review, here is a really negative and crummy one. I don’t agree with it at all, but that’s just because this guy is overly harsh.¬†

1) Film begins with a Lantern I’ve never seen before. I’m almost certain she is one of the new Lanterns from the live action movie out in two weeks . . .

2) . . . or not. That was unexpected and really shocking.

3) Arisia! Yay!

4) Sinestro is in this movie? The animation is the same as First Flight, but the chronology is really weird because Sinestro turned evil by the end of the film. Does this take place during First Flight‘s time frame?

5) Maybe I should just stop thinking about it.

6) Sinestro has an English accent . . . signifying that he is evil, but Jason Isaacs isn’t quite as menacing as Victor Garber’s.

7) The Book of Oa is in this movie? It wasn’t at all in First Flight because the power battery fulfilled both roles as battery and book.

8 ) Hal Jordan is training Arisia which shows that this movie really has nothing to do with the previous film. I will stop now.

9) Story of the first Green Lantern. Are those the Dominators? That’s kinda cool.

10) Unlimited power sculpted by imagination and the first Lanterns, just fired beams. That has aways been my complaint with GL outside of the comics. I understand it is probably tough to animate, but still . . .

11) Despite the simple beams, this animation is really really good. Great design, fast-paced, excellent action. I love it.

12) Digging the character designs as well.

13) The first Lantern’s speech about will got me a little choked up. Not gonna lie.

14) Wait . . . they had an in-story reason for the annoying beams. That makes sense and I take back comment 10 completely.

15) I seriously have goosebumps from the construct animation.

16) HADOKEN!!!!

17) A lot of people are worried that Nathan Fillion will be a better Hal Jordan than Ryan Reynolds. There is no need to worry about that.

18) Giggling at Kilowog’s training scene.

19) Tired of hearing the word “poozer” already.

20) Kilowog whining is a little bothersome especially since he is voiced by Henry Rollins.

21) I really like that Lanterns other than Hal Jordan are getting the focus in this film.

22) Laira is the next story in this film. I’ve never found her to be very interesting. She just seems like purple, red-haired alien to me.

23) Um . . . this story feels a little Elektra-esque (not the Marvel character, but the myth).

24) I really like villains in Laira’s story. Maybe because they are different than the armies of villains that GL has been fighting so far.


26) Oh yeah, forgot to mention earlier that Krona has something to do with this movie. Not sure what his function is, but oh well. This movie isn’t about the destination, but the people getting there.

27) Remember how I ripped on Planet Hulk for the boring back stories of minor characters? This movie does not suffer from the same problem. While Kilowog is more interesting than Laira, I still really enjoyed her story.

28) “Mogo doesn’t socialize.” – nice.

29) This will probably be the most accurate Alan Moore story to ever be adapted to film except for maybe the Justice League episode “For the man who has everything.”

30) Bolphunga is voiced by Rowdy Roddy Piper. This makes me very happy.

31) I keep marveling at the animation in this film. It’s just Bolphunga slashing at trees, but it is really very pretty.

32) Just as First Flight made the Qwardians more creepy and menacing, this film has made Bolphunga look as good.

33) Kinda surprised with the appearance of Atrocitus.

34) The movie is exploring the frienship between Abin Sur and Sinestro. Lots of great dialogue between the two.

35) Ysmault is sufficiently creepy.

36) Holy. Crap.

37) Seriously, holy crap.


39) “I guess this is the Blackest Night everyone talks about.” “No my dear . . . only dusk.”

40) Big final battle!

41) Kirby dots? That almost HAS to be intentional.

42) Henry Rollins is disappointing in this movie.

43) Arisia came up with the big plan . . . and it doesn’t make much sense.

44) Some Lanterns have body encompassing forcefields, while others use bubbles around themselves.

45) CHIP!!!

46) And boom goes the dynamite.

47) The end.

48) It’s cool that the comics that the short stories were based on are in the credits. Please note that Alan Moore’s name is not in the credits at his request.

And now for a little bonus content – a few thoughts on the upcoming Batman: Year One

1) I’ve read Batman: Year One more than any other Batman story ever. In my opinion, it is the absolute best ever which is ironic because I hate Frank Miller so much.

2) Dan Didio notes that Miller started Batman over again without a number 1 issue. The comment rings a little strange given the relaunch soon.

3) Bruce Timm says Batman’s gadgets are low tech in the film . . . yeah, like that sonar that summons a horde of bats.

4) Word for word translation from comic to film . . . that could either be great or terrible.

5) Breaking Bad as Jim Gordon?! I’m in (as if I needed any other reason)

6) Hearing Miller’s words said aloud is usually polarizing.

7) The cute guy from the O.C. as Batman?! He knows how to brood!!! Now I’m REALLY IN!!!!

8) Why isn’t Frank Miller on here talking about it? They always try to get the writer to be on the preview.

9) This preview is really stylish. Very cool.

10) Interesting explanation of the difference between animation and the comic art.

11) ELIZA DUSHKU AS CATWOMAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I’ve had a heart attack.

12) “The Eliza Dusku archive of bad girls.”

13) Wait . . . Catwoman was barely in Year One. A few appearances as Selina Kyle, and maybe one quick suit up, but not really in it in any important sense. Oh well.

14) This seems faithful. I’m excited for it!

What DC Animated films would you like to see made?

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  1. joecrak says:

    Also you should know Cody, they will also have a Catwoman DC Showcase short on the Year One dvd, so that makes more sense as she was barely in year one.

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