Interview with CW Cooke about Solitary

CW Cooke is a writer who I met at Planet Comicon back in March. He’s got a Kickstarter up to finish the first arc on his comic Solitary so I thought I’d help him spread the word with an interview. I hope you enjoy!

Popgun Chaos: For those who don’t know, can you give a brief synopsis over what Solitary is about?

CW Cooke: I would love to! Solitary boils down to this: What if Superman was on the Green Mile?

To break it down further, our main character, Tim Hill, is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. He is placed on death row and executed very quickly. Then he wakes up, learning for the first time that he cannot die, making death row that much worse for him. It may seem like a superhero story and it may seem like a prison drama, but it’s really both. It’s the story of a man trying to find his way in the world, all while numerous people want him dead and will do anything in their power to make him suffer and suffer greatly. 

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Nemo at Thirty – 2. The Casualty

In case you missed it, the first strip can be found here. Please share and comment!

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Kids Tube Review – Blues Clues

Though it may be gone, it is certainly not forgotten. Blues Clues set the standard for the children’s show format that we have seen time and time again. Dora the ExplorerNi hao, Kai-LanMickey Mouse Clubhouse – all of these shows and tons more owe their existence to Blues Clues. My son is 19 months old and he LOVES this show. And you know what? I don’t mind it either. There is something that is still charming about the whole thing. And that’s Steve Burns.

Without a doubt, Steve Burns is so charming and wonderful that he carried the show. They tried Steve’s brother or cousin or whatever and he just didn’t work out. Maybe it’s because no one could accept a substitute Steve or maybe it was because they messed with the format after Steve left (and boy, did they really change things up beyond just the host change). But Steve had a spark that was undeniable.

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New Wave Soldiers – the mini-comic

Some time after the production on New Wave Soldiers stopped, I approached Nate to start things back up again. In order to get people excited for the comic, I thought we’d do a mini-comic in the style of Mark Waid’s Thrillbent.  Instead of it being a full page of comic, I thought we could do slides of no more than three panels. I wrote a “prequel to the prequel” of sorts. Taking some inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey but with a twist. I wrote ten slides and Nate drew them up. I think this is one of the better things I’ve written and Nate has some gorgeous work here.

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A very brief recap of the weekly comics of DC Comics

I’ve got a real love/hate relationship with weekly series from DC Comics. 52 was an incredible experiment that can probably never quite be replicated in terms of just how crazy and good it was, and I try each new weekly series, but the results have been mixed over the years.

Let’s recap the weekly series that DC has done so far and I’ll give some brief thoughts about them before I move on to Futures End.

52 – It’s the dream team of creators: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid. While there were some issues that weren’t as good as others, it’s pretty forgivable to have some misses when you’re doing a comic a week. I haven’t read the series in a long time, but they were throwing every idea they could at the wall and never had time to see what would stick. The space stuff with Animal Man, Starfire, and Adam Strange is probably the most memorable with the Batwoman story being my second favorite. Black Adam also had a great story arc that really fleshed out his character more. It even made Booster Gold into a character that I liked! It was a series that took minor characters and made them interesting. No Superman or Wonder Woman to be found in this series but Batman got his own issue. All in all, it was the prototype for what a weekly series could be; minor characters getting a profile boost and becoming cool.

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