A bit of a crisis

While this summer hasn’t been as productive as I would have liked, it has been a perfect summer. I’ve spent every day with my son and we’ve filled our days with trips to the library, the zoo, the flea market, the Discovery Center, the swimming pool, and so many other adventures. Last year, he was so small that we didn’t do much because he was too small to do anything. Now that I have my little toddler running around, we’re having the summer that I always dreamed of with my son.

In terms of this site, I don’t know that I ever really returned to my old self when I returned to this site. The guy I was when I first started Popgun Chaos is a completely different person than who I am today. I was more cocky then. More willing to jump into an argument and write about half-formed theories in a way as if I really believed them. It made writing easy then.

Today, I’m more cautious in my writing. I’m more understanding to the opinions of others. This makes writing harder for me because instead of just jumping into writing to start a fight, I decide to avoid a fight altogether. Again, this doesn’t make for great content considering my site used to provoke strong reactions. I guess I’m just tired of fighting people. I’m tired of arguing over nothing.

So instead, I want to write about things I love, but writing about things I love is so much harder than complaining because you can only say “This was really great” in so many different ways before it gets boring and tedious.

I suppose I should analyze more on the site, but that brings me to the big question:

For what purpose?

I’ve been wanting to write about the best episodes of Superman: The Animated Series, but I wonder “why should I?” What does it accomplish? Who will even read it? What does it matter?

And that’s where my mind is right now.

I don’t really have enough daily traffic to justify writing about pop culture on here. People rarely comment. But maybe I haven’t written anything that deserves it. Maybe being a dad has just changed my priorities.  Anyway, school is coming up soon so I won’t really have time to write as much.

However, PLEASE keep coming back to Popgun Chaos because I will still have Music Mondays and there will be new webcomics on Tuesdays and Fridays from me. I’ve got a few more writing projects coming up too that will be announced when they start taking more form.

Sorry for this kind of mopey post, but I just needed to get some of my thoughts out there.

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