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Mark Millar’s the Ultimates pt. 2 – Something more traditional

After the first six issues of Millar’s the Ultimates had established the team as a group of celebrity soldiers with little ethical or moral backbone (except for Thor who is considered insane by the others), the series stepped into more … Continue reading

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Flashpoint Friday Week 12

  Flashpoint #4 – While I’ve tried my hardest to be enthusiastic and positive about this crossover for quite some time, this issue has shown me that all of my positivity has been for nothing. Without a shadow of a doubt, … Continue reading

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Superman/Shazam: Return of Black Adam review

I’ve avoided watching this movie for awhile simply because it is only 20 minutes long and the rest of the DVD has short films that I’ve already watched on other DC Animated projects. When this short film was announced, I … Continue reading

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Mark Millar’s Ultimates pt. 1 – The Anti-Comic

With the ten year anniversary of Mark Millar’s the Ultimates coming up next year, and with an all new line up of Ultimate books coming from Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer later this year, there’s no time like the present … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy Artwork

Though I don’t talk about it much, I’m a big Final Fantasy fan, so let’s kick your Tuesday off right with some of my favorite Final Fantasy artwork! 

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One year anniversary for Popgun Chaos!

Well, we’ve made it a year! One year ago today I unleashed Popgun Chaos upon the world with the intent to post an article a day every week day for at least a year. My goal was to simply see … Continue reading

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