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Reflecting on the Ice Storm of 2007 or how I came to love inspirational sports films

The cracking of tree branches echoed through the night. As each one fell, my heart pounded as I worried what destruction they would bring. *SNAAAP* Would more power lines break? *CRAAAACK* Would our house be damaged? I tried to ignore … Continue reading

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It’s a Superhero Summer

It’s not really news at this point, but this is going to be one packed summer of superhero films. For today, I’d like to discuss the summer line-up. Thor – May 6 I’m exceptionally excited for this film more than … Continue reading

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Diagram of Wonder Woman

As I’ve stated before, people know next to nothing about Wonder Woman. She may be recognizable and a positive female role-model, but ultimately, the average person knows NOTHING about her. David E. Kelley hopes to change that. Kelley is known … Continue reading

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The Ballad of the Alpha Battle Dragon Lords Against Forest Fires Pt. 1

1 – Undergrads aren’t usually called to Missouri State University’s Department of Continuing Education, so being summoned there made me a bit uncomfortable. The office is located downtown, and quite a few blocks away from campus, so its not really … Continue reading

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Guest column – Geek Chic – Kawaii Comics

My friend Aimee over at Kawaii K*tsch is a comic fan and I wanted to share her perspective on comics, so check it out and enjoy because yes, Virginia, girls DO like to read comics! Comic books and manga are … Continue reading

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Walker Household Oscar Picks

Samantha and I love to argue about pop culture. One of our first fights was about whether or not Kingdom Come was a good comic book (years later, after Sam learned more about the DC Universe, she realized that it … Continue reading

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The Voice of My Generation Hip Hop Edition

During the past few weeks of these columns, it has been brought to my attention the inherent flaw in the project itself. The flaw is that the entertainment industry is so fractured and consumer interest is so broad that it … Continue reading

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Comic Publisher Tricks

Talking comic sales and how to increase them has been a discussion that has been prevalent for years now, and while there are many theories on how to increase sales, no one really looks at the tricks that publishers use … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to Brian K. Vaughan?

As the new millennium dawned, it was apparent that it was an exciting time to be reading comic books. Warren Ellis had just finished a VERY successful launch of the Authority (a series that saw even greater success under the … Continue reading

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