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Talking Shazam with Mark Waid

About a year ago, I had an e-mail interview with Mark Waid over Captain Marvel (Shazam) as part of some research I was doing for a possible book about the character. Though my book isn’t off the table, I’ve pushed … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy Tactics All-Star Team

It’s a debate that my friends and I have more frequently than we probably should: what is the perfect team for Final Fantasy Tactics?

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Rivers Cuomo – “Not Alone” review

Frequent readers of Popgun Chaos know about my love/hate relationship with Weezer. It’s because of Weezer that I fell in love with music. Listening to the blue album opened my world to different kinds of music and from there, I … Continue reading

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Guest Writer – Samantha’s Novel

  Today’s guest writer is my wife, Samantha. Sam is a wonderful writer and she has some of the most beautiful prose I’ve ever read. The first short story I ever read from her was titled Four Little Words and … Continue reading

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Your RPG Setting of the Week – Chuck Palahniuk

In “Your RPG setting of the week,” we will examine RPG settings that either have the possibility of being cool or the possibility of being the worst idea ever; clearly, it depends on your perspective. Some might be wild, fun … Continue reading

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I appreciate Lady Gaga on a much deeper level than you do

I saw the Matrix long before I ever picked up my very first Invisibles comic, so as I read the comic, I looked for all of the alleged idea theft that had occurred when Warner Bros. decided to make their … Continue reading

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Guest column – Interview with Tom Jane

Mason McDaniel recently attended the Long Beach Comic Con and snagged this interview for Popgun Chaos! with Thomas Jane. That’s right, from such films as, the Mist, Punisher, and Homeless Dad, he got to talk to THE Tom Jane. Enjoy!!!

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Guest Column – A Defense, After a Fashion, Of Zardoz

Steven King was inspired to watch Zardoz due to Caleb’s article about the film, and now, Steven King is back with a review of the film and why it works. —— I had never heard of Zardoz prior to reading … Continue reading

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Rationale for Saving Comics

Ten years ago, comic book writer and internet presence Warren Ellis wrote a series of articles titled “Come in Alone” on the Comic Book Resources website (later collected in a book form by AiT/Planet Lar). In these articles, Ellis addressed … Continue reading

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Interview with China Mieville pt. 2

This is part 2 of my interview with China Mieville. If you didn’t see pt. 1, be sure to check it out as well (it’s just below)! PC: In your 2003 interview with Joan Gordon, you stated, “The other, more … Continue reading

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